calisthenic workout plan

Calisthenic Workout Plan

Do you work an 8-5 job? Are you a stay at home mom or dad? Are you a freelancer who works in different parts of the country? Do you find it hard to stay fit? Admittedly, working out can be a challenge if you don’t have the space, the time, and the money to pay for a gym instructor. While people see the necessity and the paybacks that can be obtained from exercise, not everyone has the capacity to actually engage in the activity due to several constraints. However, one can overcome these challenging by following a calisthenic workout plan.

Defining Calisthenic Workout Plan

What does the term calisthenic mean? The term came from the Greek words, kallos (meaning beauty) and sthenos (meaning strength). The word, then, literally means the beauty of strength. By definition, the term is used to refer to the utilizing of one’s body weight as resistance to frame the body. A calisthenic workout plan is a series of exercise that involves the biggest muscle groups of the body with movements to be performed in a rhythmic pattern. It does not utilize too many equipment as it wants to capitalize the bodyweight to build strength, flexibility, and improve one’s overall fitness.

Benefits of Calisthenics Workouts

How can a calisthenics workout plan help an individual? A simple workout can already help an individual improve his or her overall physical health and mental health. However, workouts are more effective with a plan. You have to be able to follow exercise routines that fit your schedule, space, and budget.

Having a checklist of exercises to go through with every gym visit or every “exercise time” at home can be effective in building the habit and in warming the body up for a fitness-driven life.

On a more specific level, exercise programs, like this one, aid in improving the body’s flexibility, strength, agility, coordination, balance, and endurance. Exercises also improve one’s ability to focus and their stress management. If you aim to lose weight, such routines can also boost your metabolism, so you can reach your weight goal in a shorter period.

Variety of Calisthenic Workout Plan

Are you ready to start a fitness-driven life? Below are some routines that you can incorporate in your calisthenics workout plan.

Stretching – Before you get into heavy lifting or continuous jumping, you have to give your body a head start. Before you move into any of the routines below, stretch your muscles first. Some stretching exercises you can try are arm reaches, standing or lying hamstring stretch, finger-four stretch, butterfly stretch, and to reaches.

Squats – Squats are simple yet powerful movements that target your legs and glutes. This exercise also requires less space. You can modify this routine by using leg bands to increase resistance or by doing jump squats.

Pull-ups or Chin-ups – If you have an armbar at home, or you’re a few blocks away from a park that has one, perform pull-ups (hands facing outwards) or chin-ups (hands facing you) to strengthen your arms, shoulders, and core muscle groups.

Burpees – If you have a 7-8 feet horizontal space in your home or your backyard, you can perform this routine. You can do either a standard or a push-up burpee, but the push up burpee is more challenging than the other. To start the routine, stand up. Then, bring your self to the ground by going to a push up position in one quick movement. Fold your knees, bring your body back to a standing position, then jump. Then, repeat the movements. You can start the routine with 8-10 repeats for 3 sets.

Running or sprinting – For this one, all you need is a comfy outfit, a pair of rubber shoes, and the space outside. Whether you live in a compartment compound, in the suburbs, or near the beach, there’s always a space to run on. If you’d like to be able to track your progress, you can bring your smartphone or smartwatch with you. Running works the overall body. It also builds endurance, and destresses the body. It’s one of the easiest and the most effective exercise routines you can get into.


It is always easier to find excuses not to exercise. Life is busy, and people like to spend their non-working hours having fun or resting. However, people need to realize that inactivity can lead to faster body aging. As a result, the body becomes weaker, the bones become more prone to breaking, the muscles have reduced motor power, and the heart and lungs are more prone to illnesses.

Luckily, we can beat all the excuses through calisthenics workout plan for men and women. These simple to follow exercises are as effective as going to the gym with a little less effort on logistics. The only thing that a person needs is the motivation to begin.