good back workout

Good Back Workout

Do you want to be built like the incredible hulk? OK, that may be a little too much. What about a strong and ripped back? If yes, then you should pay some attention to your back any time you’re working out. This is not just about the hot looks you’ll get as a result of doing this, but also for the sake of your health and posture when you get older, and that’s not all. Here are a few other benefits of good back workouts.

  • Your body structure would look great too. The way you sit, stand, walk, your posture in general, will stand out.
  • It boosts your strength and balance. Your energy level increases and you stand fewer chances of suffering ache from time to time
  • Talking about aches, people who have stationary jobs will benefit immensely from a good back workout routine. Sitting down for long hours every day can cause you aches, diabetes, heart issues, and even cancer.
  • A stronger vertebral tissue means a more effective form at the gym.  When people are trying out a move for the first time, they sometimes find it hard to get it. This is usually not the case with a person who is strong in the back.
  • When you pay some attention to your posterior while exercising, then you’ll look great. That’s something we all want, right?
  • Aside from the gym, you’ll also get better at sports (if you’re an athlete).
  • The strength you cultivate from doing this will see you through during old age.

Simple Back Workout Plan

Generally, most of the exercises you do would have some form of effects on your back. However, you can take it up a notch by taking up at least one good back workout that is on point.

Wide Grip Pull-Up

Usually, when you’re doing a pull-up, you are expected to hold the bar shoulder-width apart. However, in this case, it is pretty much the same techniques, except you have to grab the bar at a distance that is wider than just your shoulder width. This will help to target more of the tissues in your back, especially your upper lats. So, yes, it is one of the good upper back workouts.

You may not need to spread your grip so wide apart because the wider it is, the more challenging it gets. So, you can take a range that you are comfortable with and increase it with time.


There are only a few good lower back workouts out there, and bridges is one of them. You can do it at home or anywhere you want to. All you need is you and a mat. If you have pains in your lower spinal area, this move is something you should consider. Your hamstrings, abs, and glutes are not left out in this too.

Barbell Deadlift

This move is a very great one for the whole of your backside development. It gets to your calves, traps, shoulders, and so on. If you’ve never done this before, or if it’s been long since the last time you did it, then you should start with smaller weight to build your form first. Once you nail the form, then you can go ahead and increase the weight as much as you want to.

Aside from the muscle-building effects of the barbell deadlift, you can also develop more strength and conditioning with this exercise.