30 day ab workouts

30 Day Ab Workouts

There comes a time when we grow a big tummy although we go to the gym regularly and workout often. This happens when you take a break from your workout routine and cheat yourself with some mouthful of junk food like pizza, burger, or chocolate-filled dessert. That is when a simple 30 day ab workout plan can help you fix all the damage that your break from the gym has caused to your ab building session.

In this 30 day challenge, you will do a series of workouts on a daily basis. These exercises are meant to work on your abs. Let’s go through all the exercises you have to do.

Low Intensity 30 Day Ab Workouts for Women

Here are a few of the most effective 30 day ab workouts that you have to apply to your routine for the next 2 weeks so that you can really shape those bricks in your six pack!

Lemon Crushers – For this workout, you have to lie on the ground. Lift only your heels and your hands up in the air. Now, sit up and fold your legs so that your thigh touches your chest. Now, get back to the original lying position and repeat.

Mountain Climbers – When it comes to ab workout, this is the best 30 day ab workout of all others. Lie face down on the ground so that you are lying on your hands and toes. Your shoulders should be right above the hands. Now, bring one of your knees close to your chest and go back to the normal position. Do the same with the other leg. Increase the speed and continue doing this activity for 30 seconds.

Up and down plank – For this exercise, you have to get down to the plank position. That is, lie face down with body supported on the forearms. Make sure to hold your abs tightly. Then, push your body upwards with only one hand. Repeat the same with the other. Go on for 30 more seconds.

Dead bugs – This is one of the ab workouts 30 days that is sure to work hard on your abdomen. Lie on your back with calves parallel to the ground and hands shooting up in the air. Now, lower your right hand and at the same time the left leg. Repeat the same with the other hand and leg. All the while keeping the hands and legs a few inches above the ground. Go on for 45 seconds like this.

Scissors – Lie flat on the ground. Tuck your hands under the butt and lift your left leg up towards the sky. Put it down and at the same time, lift the other leg. Continue doing this for 45 seconds.

Alternate Toe Touching – There can’t be a 30 day workout plan for abs without this session of 45 seconds. For this, lie down on the floor. With your right hand, touch the toes of the left leg. Similarly, do the same with the other hand.

High Intensity 30 Day Ab Workouts Sessions

After two weeks of low intensity training, it is time to switch to the below-mentioned high intensity training. Once you complete the low intensity part of the 30 days workout plan for abs, doing these below-mentioned sessions will be a piece of cake.

Russian Twist – This is a higher level of ab training. Sit on the floor and lift your leg so that the calves are parallel to the ground and your back is slightly tilted towards the ground. Fold your hands together and tilt your torso towards your left to touch the ground using your left elbow. Do the same on the other elbow. Keep repeating for one whole minute.

Side plank rotation – Position yourself as if you are doing a side plank. Now, face groundwards and position yourself in a classic plank position. Next, go back to the side plank position but on the other side of the original position.  Keep going for a minute.

Opposite Arm and Leg lift – As the name suggests, lie down and lift the left arm and right leg a few inches above the ground. Hold the position for a few seconds before switching. Continue for a minute.

Banana Roll – Lie down and lift both hands and legs off the ground a few inches. Now roll over and do the same on this side. Continue for a minute.

Medicine Ball Chops – This is a high intensity workout sure to get you working. Kneel down and hold a medicine ball in between your hands. Take it to the right side of your head and then to the left side of your hips. Do the same on the opposite side. Continue for 50 seconds.

Bicycle – As the name suggests, lie down and move your legs in a cycling motion. For better grip, make sure you hold your hands behind your head.


Combination of both low and high intensity workout sessions is the ultimate mantra to get those killer abs using the 30 day ab workout for women.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are one of those who wish to have amazingly chopped abs to beat the other contender in the championship or simply to woo a gym-freak guy, take advantage of the above plan. After 30 days, you will be standing in front of the mirror reflecting the hard work you have done with a smile!