• calisthenic workout plan

    Calisthenic Workout Plan

    Do you work an 8-5 job? Are you a stay at home mom or dad? Are you a freelancer who works in different parts of the country? Do you find it hard to stay fit? Admittedly, working out can be a challenge if you don’t have the space, the time, and the money to pay for a gym instructor. While people see the necessity and the paybacks that can be obtained from exercise, not everyone has the capacity to actually engage in the activity due to several constraints. However, one can overcome these challenging by following a calisthenic workout plan. Defining Calisthenic Workout Plan What does the term calisthenic mean?…

  • upper body workouts

    Upper Body Workouts

    If you are a fitness freak suddenly this article is a must-read. Undoubtedly, forming the upper body isn’t cherry on the cake. Framing it is quite a hard-working task to do. Pull-ups and push-ups are not as smooth as butter and maximum upper body workout routines involve the two. Motivated to work on upper body strengths then be ready to struggle. To assist you to build muscles and enhance your strength here we have an upper body workout plan sketched for both the genders. Males as well as female, we got it for both the categories. Have sight at the below description and get your seatbelts ready to drive through…