good arm workout

Good Arm Workout

In this busy world with mostly sedentary jobs and jobs that require more brainwork than bodily power, fitness has become an important aspect of one’s life. There are a lot of reasons for this. One could be because of the abundance of unhealthy foods, which can result in bad nutrition. Another could be because of computer-facing positions that cause minimized physical movements. Additionally, the standard of beauty became based on one’s physique and overall wellness.

Finally, it could be because of the shortening life span of humans due to environmental and genetic anomalies. Regardless of the reason, the call for everyone’s fitness is evident to ensure our survival in this harsh, technological era.

Understanding Fitness

What is fitness? Fitness, specifically physical fitness, refers to an individual’s health state or well-being. It is also defined as a person’s capability to perform him/ her job function, engage in sports activities, and complete his/her daily tasks.

Fitness can be achieved either through regular physical activities or through workouts. For some men, achieving the former is easy, especially for skilled workers. Operating heavy machinery or lifting heavy weights in skilled jobs are a daily occurrence, and they may no longer need to go to gyms just to get fit. However, for most women, jobs require more brainwork and less physically engaging activities. This is the reason why women may need to work out more to get a leaner, fitter body.  They need to have an active lifestyle to have better physical fitness. This is to add to the fact that the physiology of women is different from that of men, and women’s muscles are harder to develop than men’s.

Finding an Effective Arm Workout

To be able to find the most effective workout, a woman will need to know her current body statistics, her time commitment, her body type, and the different muscle groups. With the technology that we have today, a single machine can determine your weight, body mass index (your weight against your height), body water, muscle mass, and fat percentage. Knowing these statistics can help you determine which part of your body you’ll need to focus on when working out and how much calories you must aim to lose to attain your ideal or desired weight. Your body mass index (BMI) will also determine your fitness, whether you’re in the normal range for your age and gender or whether you need to gain or lose more weight to be considered healthy.

Your time commitment will also matter. By setting aside a specific number of hours for working out, you can block your calendar within this period and have no excuse for not working out. Some workout apps allow you to set a training plan based on your schedule, and you will be asked to commit a few hours in your week for a certain period to achieve your desired body physique.

Women’s body types can be classified into five: rectangle, triangle, hourglass, apple, or round. Body shape alone does not dictate one’s fitness. However, a person’s workout routines and target areas may be based on their body type. Having this information can be helpful if you are wondering which part of your body you may need to dedicate more time on.

Finally, muscle groups are the different portions of the body that require separate routines to improve their shape. These groups, to simplify, are the abs, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, glutes, chest, back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Abs are in the belly area. Quadriceps are located in the anterior portion of the legs, hamstrings and calves are in the posterior portion. Glutes are around the buttocks. The chest and back make up your upper body, along with the shoulders and arms. Consequently, the biceps and triceps are both in the arm.

Among these muscle groups, the upper body is not the strongest part of women, especially the arm area. Since carrying heavy weights are usually passed on to men, women need to focus their workout on their arm area to make it stronger and leaner. This part of the body is also often exposed especially for women who like wearing tank tops or sleeveless blouses.

This article will, therefore, list down good arm workouts for women to help them towards leaner and fitter arms.

Working Out the Arms

What are good arm workouts for the ladies? Are they any different from good arm workouts for men? Arm workouts for the ladies may be different in sets and repetitions that men. Except for bodybuilders, most women do not like to increase the volume of their arms but rather just make their arm muscles well-defined. Here’s a list of some really good arm workouts that you can try.

Medicine Ball Push-Up – Do you like working out with equipment? You can get a good arm workout with your medicine ball. All you have to do is go on a plank position. Then, position your medicine ball where one of your hands is, and place your hand on top of it. Push up for as many reps as you can within 40 seconds, and repeat it on the other side. For more of a challenge, increase the time every 1 week.

Halo – You’ll have a Beyonce level arms with a good arm workout routine like this. All you need is a dumbbell (or a dumbbell alternative like a bottle filled with water) held and placed across your chest. Then, lift it with both hands on top of your head and rotate it around your neck for as many as you can for about 40 seconds. Do the same in the opposite direction. You can feel the burn in your arms with increasing duration as the days progress.

Write Your Name – This is another good arm workout routine for you. Aside from this, it is relatively easy, too, except if you have a long name. With this one, all you have to do is to position your dumbbell carrying arms across your chest. Then, with your arms still outstretched, write your name in thin air. One letter is equal to one rep. Soon enough, you’ll write your name with toned arms.

Rainbow Slam – This is one of the good arm workouts at home that you can try. While in a kneeling position with your legs apart slightly more than your hips, hold a dumbbell with both of your stretched arms on one side of your body. Then, rotate your arms to form a rainbow. Do this repeatedly for each side for about 50 seconds to a minute.

Plank with Bicep Curls – Another good arm workout for women is plank with weights. This not only improves your arm shape but also exercise your core muscles. In a plank position, hold one dumbbell in each of your arms. Then, curl up each arm while holding a steady position in the plank. Do this for as many reps as you can for a minute.

Chest Press to Tricep Extension – Do you want to have sculpted triceps? This is one good arm workouts at the gym or at home if you have the equipment. Simply kneel on your yoga mat and hold out your hand across your chest while holding a dumbbell. Then, raise your arms up to head and fold your elbows after so that the dumbbell is across your back. Do 3-4 sets of this at 40 seconds each.

Tricep Dips – In this one, sit with your knees slightly bent, legs stretched, and your heels grounded on the floor with your toes in a 45 degree angle. Then, position your dumbbells parallel to your legs behind you. Place each arm on top of each dumbbell and dip your buttocks on the floor while slightly bending each arm. This is a great challenge for your balance and for developing your triceps.

Conclusion About Good Arm Workout

What are some good arm workouts, and why do women need to exercise their arms? A good arm workout will allow you to develop your arm muscles, whether it be your triceps or biceps along with one or more muscles. Arm exercises often require weights as they provide a challenge to your muscle. Challenging exercises tear up your muscles and allow them to form a more toned and more developed one after recuperation. Therefore, it is important that you give your muscles a challenge every time and, at the same time, allow them time to heal. Good arm muscle workouts will become even better if you increase their difficulty every time they become too easy. This way, your muscles won’t get used to the routine and you’ll develop more and more muscle tissues. As any exercise, consistency is key.

Women’s arms are less utilized for physical activities as men are expected to carry the heavy weight. However, this does not mean that women are not capable of heavy lifting, or that they do not need to strengthen their arms. Women need strong arms to carry their children. They need toned arms to do household chores. They need muscular arms to work on jobs that used to be only done by men. Women are capable of more things if they put their mind to it.

Fitness has recently become an important part of human lives, and it is for good reason. As we get less physical jobs due to the invention of machinery and automation, we lose the opportunity to strengthen our muscles and challenge our bodies to endure more physical challenges. With consistent and varying exercise, you can achieve the healthier body that you desire, and you can live longer and age well.