aip diet

Aip Diet

Autoimmune diseases can leave you drained and weak, but with the right AIP diet one can combat this disease with ease. This diet is sure to help by reducing that inflammatory feelings and all other autoimmune symptoms.

Generally, when one has an autoimmune disease, they are said to have a leaky gut. This means that there are plenty of holes in the intestines. These holes pass the broken food back into your body. This triggers your immune system to attack your bodily tissues.

But, when you eat the right type of food, you will heal the holes in your intestine bringing down the inflammatory reactions. So, let’s dig into the diet that helps you combat AIP.

What is AIP Diet?

This is the other name of the Paleo autoimmune protocol. According to this diet plan, you must certainly not touch any food that may be the reason for all the inflammatory reactions in the gut. Instead, you have to turn to nutrient-rich food.

There is another alternative to this diet. It is called AIP Paleo diet. This involves eating a lot of non-vegetarian food like meat and fish along with nuts, veggies, and seeds. However, the diet in question is too stricter and different than a Paleo diet.

AIP diet will fill all the holes in your guts and help you in:

  • Resetting immunity of the body
  • Preventing your body to have an autoimmune response
  • Removing symptoms of the disease from your body
  • Preventing any secondary body reactions

When you are at this diet, make sure to closely observe yourself for any adverse reaction to any food. If so, you must eliminate that food immediately.

Going through the below AIP diet food list will help you better understand the food items you can try when you are suffering from this AIP disease.

During AIP, you can eat fish, meat, sweet potatoes, coconut milk, fruits in smaller quantities, vegetables which does not include tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, eggplants; avocado, fermented food, olive, kombucha, sauerkraut, honey, kimchi, maple syrup, no seeded herbs; oregano, mint, basil, vinegars, bone broth, balsamic, apple cider, herbal teas which are non seeded.

When you are following AIP diet plan, you must strictly avoid things like rice, dairy products, oats, wheat and other grains, peanuts, beans, legumes, egg, nightshade veggies, sugar, butter, oil, additives, and alcohol.

Some Tasty AIP Diet Recipes to Follow

When you are under a strict diet plan, you must turn to some tasty AIP diet recipes to save your day. Here are some interesting recipes that are sure to leave your taste buds wanting more.


Half a banana, half an avocado, 1 cup of veggie juice, two to three cups of leafy veggies like kale or spinach, and one to two scoops of protein powder that is rich for AIP. Blend everything together for almost about two minutes.


For lunch, you can have a healthy soup recipe. All you need for this is washed arugula in baby size and 3 fresh cups, two and a half cup of bone broth, one cup of roasted spring onions, two cups of parsnips, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and for taste, add salt. Heat the bone broth in the pan, and steam all the parsnips. Now, blend everything together to form the soup.


For dinner, you can prepare this amazing dish and relish the moment. For that, you need frozen sweet potato in cube shape, whole chicken, olive oil, salt for taste, frozen broccoli, herbs that are AIP friendly, garlic. Arrange everything on a tray. By everything we mean frozen veggies and chicken you have taken. Season them with garlic and herbs. Cover the entire tray with foil and bake it in over. You have to keep it in for almost 45 minutes. Now, remove it carefully using oven mitts and remove the foil covering. Then again bake for 20 minutes.


Those of us suffering from AIP do not really have to suffer. We can always adjust ourselves to the best diet possible to lead our lives normally. Of course, there are some sacrifices, but it will only ultimately lead to a healthy and balanced life in addition to having control over your condition. We hope the above AIP diet list helps you decide the best food you can have in a day and remain healthy for the rest of your life.