2000 calorie diets

2000 Calorie Diets

Does the name, 2000 calorie diets, ring a bell? Well, it is only possible you have come across that if you are looking to improve your physique with certain meals. For every other person out there, the phrase remains completely strange. You see, if you happen to fall into the second category of people, you are going to learn what the phrase means. On top of that, you will get to understand how it works.   

Getting started, 2000 calories diet is a program/plan that is considered standard for adult’s food consumption. The idea behind the number is that it is the figure that experts consider the most appropriate for meeting people’s strength and energy needs. Are you finding it interesting already? Well, if you are, you have nothing to worry about as this guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this meal.

Understanding the Standard of 2000 Calorie Diets

First of all, you may wonder: Why do experts consider 2000 calorie diet the most appropriate benchmark for adults? Evidently, the reasoning behind this is that it is a standard guideline. According to 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines, it is used for the purpose of planning meals that are meant for adults. In addition to that, the standard serves as the yardstick for organizations to create recommendations on nutrition labels. When the labels are created, the end users will now compare the amounts of sodium and fats in given chow.

With respect to the actual impact it has on the average man, it is just different strokes to different folks. For some men, it actually leads to weight losses. However, that is not the case with all of them. Conversely, it is just the right quantity of meal needed to keep their bodies in shape.

Also, the right quantity of chow a man should consume every day depends on a number of factors. These factors are age, size, daily activity, and what he plans to achieve. However, in most men, when they go on this plan, they are likely going to achieve weight loss. You will find out why that is the case shortly.

How Weight Loss Happens

Again, you can achieve weight loss by embarking on this routine. However, how effective that will be depends on the factors listed earlier. While you can easily reduce your calorie intake, achieving weight loss is much more difficult. Apart from this exercise, other factors that are likely going to affect weight loss in people include environment, gut bacteria and socioeconomic factors.

Most times, obese people who are looking to shed some weight usually reduce the quantity of chow they eat every day. Much as that works for many of them, having a 2000 calorie diet plan is yet another way of achieving that.

For instance, when you reduce your daily consumption from 2,500 to 2,000, chances are that you will lose 1 pound in one week. The logic here is that about 3500 calories (which is the 500 calories in 7 days) is the quantity of calories in one pound of the human body. On the other hand, when a man ramps up his calorie intake to 2000, it means that he will definitely see a weight gain.

Plus, those who are about 60 years need the same quantity of chow to maintain a healthy body weight. Going further, those who are a bit younger than that will require about 2,200 calories every day to keep themselves fighting fit. Also, people who are between 19 and 35 will need as high as 3,000 calories every day.

Given that the calorie requirement of most men is above 2,000 calories, they are likely going to start losing wait when they rely on the standard guideline – 2,000 calories. Hence, people use it as standard for shedding weight.

Drawing 2000 Calorie Diets Plan

Before thinking of going through this program, you must determine the right age bracket you fall into and what works for you. When you are developing the 2000 calorie diet menu, there are important nutrients that you need to factor in. The aim of drafting the plan is to enable you stick to its requirement.

You may be wondering: What does a 2000 calorie diet look like? To prepare a simple dish based on the provision of this guideline, you will have to include 6 ounces of grain, then add protein to the neighborhood of 5.5 ounces, dairy foods of 5.5 ounces, and vegetables of 2.5 cups. Others include 2 cups of other fruits and then 258 extra calories from any chow that you wish to choose from.

When you are making the plan, there are certain snack options you must add as well as those that you will have to let go. For instance, you will have to include whole grains and avoid high-fat meats. In addition to that, you will also have to avoid added sugars.

Eating Right

So far, we have shown you what healthy 2000 calorie diet typically looks like. Having balanced meals going natural with the things you eat. It is noteworthy that the source of your calories is as important has the quantity you consume. Much as it is crucial to always eat chow that has plenty of fat, carbs and protein, it is also key that you pay attention to the right dish instead of macronutrients. When you do so, you will successfully create a very nutritious meal. While at it, make sure that whole grains, vegetables and fruits make a part of your regular dishes.

Going forward, studies have shown that when you add protein sources to snacks and dishes, it will definitely help you to become fuller and encourage weight loss or maintenance. So, when you are about to prepare your 2000 calories a day diet, you just have to keep that in mind. When you have unprocessed food occupying a significant portion of your dish, you will achieve and maintain healthy weight and excellent health.


In conclusion, we have to point out that many people prefer a high protein 2000 calorie diet, which is very okay given the role of protein in the human body. In case you have forgotten, that nutrient helps to replace worn-out tissues. Apart from replenishing the tissues, it also engenders overall growth and maintenance of the human body.

Well, study has also show that protein acts as hormones, maintains the pH value, builds the immune system, and balances fluid. Therefore, settling for such exercises is not a bad idea as it has many profits.

More importantly, there are certain things that you need to avoid in order to achieve your target. Known as empty calories, these are edibles that are known not to have much nutritional value. These include added sugar, fast food, fried foods, and low-fat foods.